Scoliosis Bracing- An Effective Method Of Scoliosis Treatment

Bracing is the most common and widely adapted treatment for scoliosis. It is especially used in the case of children and adolescents. The brace is modified according to the needs of the patients and used to prevent the spinal curve from getting into the worst condition during the growing age.

Scoliosis Bracing is mostly recommended for a patient who has a spinal curve measuring 25 to 40 degrees and which is showing more development every 4 to 6 months.


Patients who do not have complete skeletal growth of spine can get the maximum benefit from scoliosis bracing.

The task of fitting the brace to suit each individual curve is done by an orthopedist only after an orthopedic expert has recommended bracing to the patient. As each brace is modified, each individual gets different instructions of its usage than other.

Regular checkup and x-rays help in evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of bracing. Apart from bracing, a regular scoliosis exercises is advised to the patient to keep the body flexible and to maintain the muscle strength.

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If the patients suffer from skin problems or rashes on the skin after bracing, then he should inform the orthoptist.

It is recommended not to apply creams and moisturizing lotion during the bracing as this softens the skin, which leaves the skin more vulnerable to the marks caused due to bracing.

Make sure you do not expose the brace too high temperatures and clean and dry them regularly before wearing.

The most commonly used braces by the scoliosis patients include Boston brace, Charleston bending braces and Milwaukee Brace.

Boston Brace: This type of brace is used for treating the curve caused in thoracolumbar region of the spine. This brace is generally worn 23 hours a day. It can be removed if the patient is doing some physical activities such as swimming or sports.


Charleston Bending Bracing: This type of brace is worn only when the patient is going to bed for sleeping. However, it is more effective if the curvature is lower than the shoulder blade level.

Milwaukee Brace: This type of braces is similar to the Boston Brace, except that it also includes a neck ring.