Microblading- Best Solution To Care All Your Eyebrow Needs

When you say “eyebrow” all sorts of makeup pencils come to your mind. You have to spend a lot of time in shaping your eyebrows to make them more presentable.

daily makeup

Nowadays microblading is the hottest makeup trend which is getting popular among the ladies. Microblading helps you to restore the appearance your eyebrow hair where the hair is missing. Whether you have missing hair or lost hair because of any disease microblading is a semi-permanent solution for you.

In microblading, every eyebrow is drawn by microblading tools and microblading pigments are inserted in the top layers of skin. Since it’s a semi-permanent solution your pigment lasts for one to three years if you care it properly. Moreover, pigment fades away uniformly.   


Here are few things you need to remember before choosing a microblading makeover for you:

  • Before going to microblading technician you need to ensure that technician is certified and have the license from the state authorities. A well-experienced technician is also willing to show his or her past work as well.
  • Microblading professional make your new eyebrow based on current measurement of the eyebrow, it is advisable not to pluck or wax your eyebrow before the visit.
  • Microblading is the art of manually tattooing your eyebrow using disposable microblading tools, it requires numbing cream to apply before the makeup. Technicians recommend not to apply any skincare product before 72 hours of the microblading.
  • Microblading may require one to two visits to get desired eyebrows. However, 40 minutes follow-up after one month of makeup is required for most of the individuals.

micro blade treatment

Microblading is the complete solution for your eyebrow problems. Whenever you want to alter the appearance of your eyebrow microblading seems a good option for you. It allows you to get desired shape and colored eyebrows which last for long period of time.

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