What Drives Disruptive Behaviour Among Physicians

It is difficult to claim with assurance what triggers these behaviours among physicians and medical executives, but it is possible that the stress of clinical environments is a contributing factor. Healthcare is much more complex today and the quality of patient care is severely affected by the disruptive physician behaviour.

Therefore, it requires the interactions of a larger number of caregivers and support personnel than in the past. In addition, production pressure is obvious due to the financial restrictions placed on organizations and physicians by decreasing payments and revenues.

Workforce loads have conspired to create an environment in which some members of the healthcare team, particularly nurses, are in short supply. These shortages have affected many healthcare organizations to employ short-term staffing solutions, such as the use of agency personnel and travelling nurses.

This, in turn, threatens the cohesiveness of the team and may also lead to cultural differences among staff and team members that reduce effective communication and teamwork. This severe problem should be addressed early and other medical executives and staff members have to determine and learn how to report unsafe working conditions.

Increased governmental failure, interfering managed care regulations, and greater involvement risks have also been mentioned as factors that increase pressure and may contribute to the disruptive behaviour of the physicians and medical executives.

In addition, the cultural change suggested by the patient safety movement from a paternalistic model to a team-based approach with the empowerment of and responsibility to all team members may itself contribute to recognised loss of freedom and increasing frustration on the part of the more experienced physicians.

All of these factors are claimed to play a role in the increase of work-related stress and the depletion of mutual respect among team members, creating a productive atmosphere for disruptive behaviour to take hold and grow. If you want to get more information then visit this site and read this useful article.