What Are The Positive Effects Of Cigars?

Is there really a positive effect from cigars? You might not be aware that cigar smoking is healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes.

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It can be correctly said that cigars are made from pure tobacco leaves. There are too many journals available online and on paper that can tell you about the dangers associated with tobacco, but very few articles will tell you the benefits and especially the possible medical benefits.

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There are more than sixty-four species of tobacco. In its natural form, nicotine is a liquid that is not volatile and is alkaline in reaction. These chemicals are very powerful and can be used for many useful purposes as well and historical evidence proves this fact. 

This plant is used in pesticide preparations and has been used in very small doses as a remedy for colon problems. Even in the western part of the 'Old' United States, traveling drug exhibits take a few of these medical trivia and sell tobacco suppositories to cure digestive disorders and diarrhea.

Research shows that Alzheimer's is characterized by the loss of cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain with the loss of associated nicotinic receptors. Alzheimer's patients produce significant improvements in long-term memory when they are given nicotine. With this type of medical research, no one can ignore the importance of tobacco and cigars.