Automation in Garment Industry

In the stitching workshop or garment industry, cutting is a crucial process. The goodness of the final product largely depends on perfection in cutting. From ages, workmen have been trying to device better and better methods of making it more perfect

Though automated methods have caught a lot of space, manual cutting has not lost relevance and criticality. It's the motive; you can discover a large number of manual fabric cutter apparatus in the marketplace.

In the garment industry, there are various garment conveyor system.

The fully manual process is time-consuming but ideal for small-scale industries that can't afford an increase in the operating cost. From hand operated scissors to die cutting machines and drills; you've got the entire world of alternatives.

In today's world, automated and CNC-based machines are now quite common. Since garment business develops with a quick pace, it's not possible to cope up with all the heavy demand by using old-style manual approaches.

The amicable solution is to use a mix of automatic and manual processing system so that the quality and perfection can be accomplished without compromising the production amount.

When you think about a manual cloth cutter, the first thing comes in your head is hand operated scissor. Yes, it is the basic tool to cut the cloth. However, there are numerous different tools such as manually operated electricity knife, straight and bend knife, round knife and several varieties of die cutting gear.