A Preparing Guide For Your First Pilates Class

Walking into a Pilates Studio for the first time can be daunting. A quick glance around will reveal a variety of contraptions that look intimidating. You may be wondering, can your body actually engage with the Pilates exercises? Rest assured. Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on building your core strength and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Pilates exercises are very client-centred practice. No matter what studio you visit, a friendly and knowledgeable staff person would greet you. To help answer questions about what really happening there. Most New York pilates classes allow you to attend classes on a drop-in(pay by the class) basis. Your instructor should be willing to explain things to you, but it helps to be prepared for what to expect.

Pilates Classes

In this article, we will discuss a preparing guide for your first Pilates class in great detail.

What to bring to a Pilates Class?

Pilates Studio usually provides any equipment for the workout so you won’t need to bring much with you to a class. The exception might be a mat since many people like to work out on their own. Pilates mats are often made a little thicker than a standard yoga mat, to provide more cushioning and padding. Check with your instructor about what mat he/she recommends.

what to wear?

What to wear?

  • Skip shoes
  • Think form-fitting but not baggy dresses
  • Avoid Tie- backs and belts
  • Eschew Embellishments
  • Remove Accessories or jewellery
  • Manage your mane
  • Opt for unscented products
  • Go fresh-faced and avoid makeups

mat work or equipment

Mat work or Equipment

Pilates workouts are based either on Pilates mat work, which is done on the floor with a minimum of equipment or on Pilates apparatus.

Mat work is a great place to begin. All of the fundamental movements and Pilates exercise principles are incorporated into the mat exercises. Besides being adaptable to any fitness level, the mat exercises allow you to focus on learning the basics correctly without having to get friendly with a new exercise  

You may be excited or little intimidated when planning to go to your first Pilates class. By knowing the basics of what to expect, you will be prepared. If you find one studio is not to your liking, try another th find the right fit. Each one has a different atmosphere. Check out here to learn reformer classes in great detail.