Ways to Market Your Business Using Augmented Reality Apps

What's augmented reality? Augmented Reality is a live or indirect view of the physical real-world over which are overlaid computer generated images or information. 

Other applications integrate with YouTube or Flickr and users' geo-tagged media is overlaid to see what different places look like at different points in time. Augmented Reality is about to be assimilated into our lives.

You can also search online to find out about mixed reality applications.

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You can start out by developing an AR app or you can use apps already out there and add information about your business, event or product for free.

Three apps that you can add to are available. What you have to do differs with each app but essentially you have to add a tag containing your information, media – whether pictures or video – and a geographical coordinate.

Once you've tagged your location with your information, spread the work to prospective consumers digitally by web or in your marketing media so that they can discover something cool about your business.

Another cool way to engage prospective consumers is to use AR for fun – successful marketing strategies commonly involve "fun" and "entertaining" aspects to engage prospects through interactivity, and by so doing energize sharing and extension of a business' message, such as through contests, quizzes, and games.