How to Become a Lawyer?


Becoming a lawyer is not that easy when you see professional lawyers winning cases for their clients. It takes hard work which is the only way to become a successful lawyer. You will have to shed your blood, tears and sweat to call yourself a professional one. If you’re on the verge of studying law in order to become a lawyer, then these are the ways to do it the right way.

  • Degree – First and utmost is to pursue a degree in law. However, after the completion of your degree, it becomes somewhat unwanted unless you do specialization in a particular field. For instance – if you want to become a construction lawyer, then you will have to learn the vast knowledge of construction law. In order to get in to a specialization field, you need to give certain test after your completion of your bachelor’s degree.
  • Law School – You need to finish a period of 4 years minimum in a law school. This is required however, the years you serve in the law school depends on the state and the country you reside in.
  • State Bar Exam –It is important to pass this exam no matter what. Held for around 18 hours, the results of the exam give a brief idea on the knowledge known by the student.
  • Character Review – Doing a character review gives a brief information about a candidate’s history with the law, social behavior in general, trouble in school etc.
  • Oath – Once you’re on the verge of becoming a lawyer, you will be asked to take an oath to make sure that you follow the codes and other rules and regulations based on the country you live in.

Construction law in Australia is becoming more demanding for construction lawyers.