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About thirty percent of adults deal with problems falling or staying asleep. It’s normal for most people to have issues sleeping throughout their adult life. Stress and other things can keep you away from getting top quality sleep and lead to other medical issues. When you are having difficulty falling asleep, if it is at the end of the day or waking up in the middle of the night, the strain of not having the ability to sleep can prevent you from getting the rest you should have.

How much sleep you need each night depends on your body and how you feel after getting a lot of hours of sleep. You need to wake up alert and have plenty of energy for the entire day if you are getting the hours in that you require. The number of hours desired changes as you enter different phases of your life. Younger children need more sleep than adults and the amount decreases with age.

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There are different phases of sleep that occur through the evening. These phases can be divided into two major categories. Rapid eye movement or REM occurs multiple times through the night. This stage of sleep is where dreams take place and is the lightest type of sleep.

Non-REM has four phases and as you progress through each stage, the sleep gets deeper. Each stage is quite important to the body as it performs specific functions which help it fix itself after a long day. These phases are not split up to span the entire night. Alternatively, you will go through this cycle several times each night.

Getting older is not the only thing that may affect how well you sleep. A medical problem can cause poor sleep. Medical issues include frequent night urination, joint pain, arthritis, general pain, and medicines. Stress and anxiety make sleeping more difficult.

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Lots of people fighting depression deal with waking quite early and not being able to fall back asleep. An uncomfortable sleep environment makes a huge difference in how well you sleep.

If the bedroom is too trendy, hot, noisy, or has too much light, it could be hard to sleep comfortably. Determining what is causing your lack of sleep can assist in what type of sleep difficulties help you require.