What Are The Benefits Of Dentistry?

General dentistry is the preventive oral care which starts with dental diagnosis, dental cleaning and other treatments that will provide you with a perfect smile for years to come.

Note: The Dentist in Manhasset NY recommends you to visit the dental clinic that provides complete dental services.

Medical researches have proved that poor oral health leads to overall health problems such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and much more.

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Before heading ahead, you should know what general dentistry include:

Oral examination and tooth cleaning: This is done to keep the gums and teeth healthy by evaluating the risk of other teeth related problems.

Crowns and bridges: This is done to replace the missing teeth or the lost teeth structure with advanced technology.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are for substitution of the teeth that lasts forever.

Tooth filling: Cavities are removed by filling with the material such as amalgam. This is done to reinstate the decayed tooth or teeth.

Tooth Extraction: This is done to remove unhealthy teeth.

Root Canal treatment: This treatment is done to repair the damaged teeth.

Sealants: This is done to prevent the tooth decay.

before and after images of pin hole grafting

Advantages of general dentistry:

  • The most important advantage of general dentistry is that the dentist can catch early signs of the disease which can cause a serious problem in the future.
  • Medical care given to the patient at the correct time can lessen the effect of that disease.
  • It saves the teeth from further damage.

This is the reason why dentists in North shore recommend you to visit the dentist twice a year.

  • Professional general dentistry saves the money on future high priced treatments.
  • Keeps your teeth clean and shining.

Dentists have done their work by treating your unhealthy teeth to maintain good oral health. But you also have to take care of the teeth after the treatment.


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A skilled dental service will help you to avoid premature falling of tooth/teeth and other dental issues.