Most Common Kits Used In Drug Testing

There are different types of kits available in the market for employing a drug test. Each drug testing kit has some pros and cons, you can choose a particular kit according to your choice:

Urine drug tests and testing kits

This kind of drug testing method is quite popular. The result you get after the test will show the presence or absence of specific drugs in urine. If the urine test comes out to be positive it means that person has used the drug recently. With a urine sample, ten drugs can be tested at the same time.

drug testing

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Urine drug tests have three different forms:

Dip form: In dip form urine drug testing, the chemical is dipped in the urine sample.

Cassette form: In the cassette form drug testing method, the urine sample is placed in a cup that is further tested by a testing device with the use of a pipette.

Urine drug test cups: In cup form drug testing, the urine is collected and tested at the same time.

Saliva drug tests and testing kits

With saliva drug testing method the traces of drug are detected in the fluids of a person’s mouth. This kind of test should be carried out carefully that why it is performed under strict supervision. The Saliva drug test can just detect the current use of drugs.  This kind of drug test is quite preferable as it is non-invasive and easily conducted.


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Hair drug tests and testing kits

Hair drug testing method is considered as one of the most reliable drug testing methods as hair store traces of drugs for a longer duration.  With this method, one can get a complete record of drug use history. You can also check for anabolic steroid test kit online if you are looking for such kind of drug testing.

Spray drug testing kits

This drug testing method is quite easy to conduct. In spray drug, it is difficult to manipulate or contaminate the sample. With this drug testing method, the limited drug can be tested.