Can Acupuncture And Massage Therapy Aid In Reducing Stress?

All living beings have certain level of stress, since it is a part of the natural process of life.

Your body and mind reacts to both optimistic and undesirable triggers for stress. Whether negative or positive in nature, some experiences generate a stress reaction that afterwards has a direct effect on the body.

It is better to maintain your health, but as we all know that due to work pressure and hectic lifestyle, stress and tension always lingers.

For our own well-being from time-to-time, it is better to take help and guidance from the health experts. Here I can help; you can consult the health experts working at Wellnessone Of Redding center. It is a health care center, where patients get cured for all types of health issues, naturally.

Suppose you have developed some health issues along with stress and depression, do not waste time and go for therapies like MASSAGE AND ACUPUNCTURE…..OR BOTH, ALTOGETHER.


I know you must be a little surprised to read that how MASSAGE AND ACUPUNCTURE treatment can be taken, together. But for your kind consideration, YOU CAN…

Acupuncture and Massage therapy are being practised for centuries and you should consider Massage Therapy as a Powerful Ally. Acupuncture treatment is also considered the same. I have mentioned few benefits these treatments offer:

• Stress Relief: In past few years, acupuncture and massage therapy has proven to be really effective in offering patients relief from their stress. This therapy even aids in improving the emotional and mental well-being. It has even shown its positive effects in specific mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

a) Acupuncture and massage therapy aid in relieving stress by reinstating a healthy flow of energy in the entire body.
b) During acupuncture treatment, same thing is done with the use of needles placed in precise parts of the body.
c) In case of massage therapy, certain muscles and affected body parts of the body are targeted in order to relieve tension and stress.


• Hormonal Changes: According to the studies, both the treatments even aid in managing symptoms of mental health issues. They even help in boosting the overall well-being by endorsing the release of endorphins hormone.

a) These hormones are produced by our brain that causes constructive and pleasant feelings. In short, both the treatments are safe as well as effective in every manner.