How Medical Alert Systems Motivate Seniors To Do Workout?


Exercise is vital for the proper functioning of human body. Without doing exercise or physical activity human body may get prone to diseases. Everyone must indulge themselves in any physical activity whether they are children, teens, adults or senior citizens.

exercise for seniors

Once a person become old he should still follow a routine exercise regime because if food is for body then exercise is for soul. Everyone knows that doing exercise at old age become a difficult task but still doing it with proper care can help you remain fit for longer time. Medical alert systems can help them in crisis situation like if they fall accidentally on wet floor or any medical emergency occurs.

Life fone medical alert systemWith the help of medical alert system you can stay in touch with your loved ones in case of any medical emergencies!

Various Exercises for senior citizens

Proper plans and precautions need to be done before indulging any senior citizen in exercise task. This may include following exercises:

1. Stretching exercises- These exercises play major roles in workout done by senior citizens. This is done for the proper muscle movement and it avoids blockage done to any body part. This will reduce stress and they will feel relaxed and refreshed after that.One thing should be kept in mind that it is necessary to calculate risks and proper planning need to be done without harming their body parts.

Medical alert system bracelets must be given to them to ensure that if injury occurs than consequence of it should be less.

2. Walking daily routine – One most beneficial exercise is doing walking at least two times in the day, morning and in the evening. The risk of injury during walking process remains very less.They need not to put any medical alert bracelet but they must wear an identity card holding their name, address, telephone no. because while walking from home if any problem occurs then one can contact their family members and this will provide a great help to them.

3. Yoga and Meditation-Yoga plays an important role in refreshing a person’s body mind and soul. It will help them to increase their mental strength and stress level will get reduced and they will find their day productive.

Yoga should be done with intensive care because lot of poses and exercises can be not suitable for their body. One thing they have to do is to wear a medical alert bracelet during yoga activity.

Best-Years-low-impact-aerobics4. Aerobics is that sort of activity which varies from low to high pace of exercises. It can be carried out effectively according to age. It helps in proper circulating of blood, reduce problems related to heart, blood pressure.

It helps to relieve tension and stress. Low pace exercises should be done by senior citizen to minimize risk. Medical alert systems should be worn for sure for safety purposes.

5. Weight lifting exercise can be very beneficial to senior citizens. One should have all the knowledge regarding weight lifting exercises in order to carry out properly.Senior citizens should lift dumbbells of light weight according to their body type. This need to be done with utmost care and not to forget wearing medical bracelet is mandatory.