What is a Healthy Weight Loss per Week?

Weight loss is like the one big goal that you set to accomplish every now and then. It may be a new year’s resolution, a goal before your birthday or wedding or may be just for you to lead a healthy life without diseases.


We all want to have perkier butts, flatter tummies and toned thighs. We prepare ourselves for weight loss, by buying pricy gym-wear, shoes and a lot of ‘healthy food’. For a couple of days, we are extremely pumped up and want to follow it, but gradually we fall back on our lethargic routines.

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We tend to fail and give up easily. The number one reason for this failure and giving up is because you tend to set unrealistic goals. Weight loss isn’t magical and you aren’t going to shed in a matter of days what you have gained over years. This is what makes it extremely essential for you to set realistic and achievable weight loss goals.

Realistic approach!

So the question is, how much weight is it okay to lose in a week? There are crazy diet plans these days that will offer you drastic weight loss. However one needs to remember that following anything too hectic will only lead to permanent damage to one’s body in the long run.

According to most experts, the ideal weight loss goal that one should have for a week should range between 2-5 pounds. This is because you will train your body to gradually move towards a healthy lifestyle, rather than burdening it to lose weight drastically, in the wrong way. Another option for you is to go for skinny fiber diet pills, but make sure that you read the pros and cons of this diet pill.


Setting goals- Calculate according to you BMI, what should your ideal body weight be. Set this weight as the ultimate goal. It may be too far away but with constant effort and hard work, no goal is ever too big.

Smaller sub-goals-The ultimate goal needs to be broken into daily and weekly goals, which are easy to achieve, rewarding and motivating. This shall not only keep pushing you forward to achieve more, but will also give you effective, short-term rewards like better skin, feeling lighter and developing a routine, in order to reach your ultimate goal. You can also read these Phen375 real success stories to know how to set the goals and achieve them.

Never break this routine– The next effective e step shall be to religiously follow the routine that you have created for yourself. Whether it is workout or meals or rest, you need to work out a balance and follow it effectively.

It’s okay to cheat a little– Being overly strict with yourself in your diet routine will make you lose interest quicker. It is important that you keep rewarding yourselves as and when required in order to keep yourself motivated.

Conclusion: It is important to strike a healthy balance to make sure that you lose weight and are able to maintain it over the time. This can happen only when you bring about a change in your lifestyle and accept the fact that the change has to be gradual, but permanent.  You can also visit this website to know the FDA approved diet pills.